Midvale Feb 2019

Copy Of results here

Photos taken by  Bruce McLoughney here

I have to say what a wonderful event 35 cars with 37 drivers.
A bit of blustery start with the admin ladies challenged to keep the papers in one place (at one stage they didn’t)

My thanks to:

Dave Ryder- starter extordinare
Andy Hamilton – timing set up and checking

John Power, Dave Markich & Trevor Allen for scrutineering

Scribe -Jeff van der Plas

Carol Power and Kaye Van der Plas for keeping the timing and noting errors

Without the assistance of helpers on the day events don’t get run nor as smoothly as this did

Also a note of thanks to Rami Brass of the MG Club for being a good sport and being No 1 start today, we knew
you could do it and you did placing 9 overall against much more powerful cars.

Interesting results with both Andy Hamilton and Trevor Allen driving the same car in its first competition outing
This is the same car Dave Markich told me was too good to compete in at the annual ATASD.
One of the spectators who knows Andy and the car commented, “one drove it like he stole it and one like he built it”

The other shared car was the Fry’s MGB with the time difference overall being 0.33 in Sarah’s favour

A wonderful event with so many spectators turning up to watch the cars. Richard King and his two young
boys in their own chairs sitting quietly watching the cars- both boys as it turns out are Lotus fans- come on Richard-
turn them to the Triumph side. Peter Graham who drove his XK120 along, many more whom I spoke to who were
supporting loved ones competing. A couple who came along to see what it was all about, intending to compete “next time”.

Also so nice to see Bruce Abrey (and family), Rod Nolan and Tony Brett (taking his TR7 for an outing) all of whom
have had health scares recently, so it was nice to see them up and about and supporting a club event

We have also gained a new member (yet to be ratified) Kurt Baur who drives a Porsche 987 Spyder, after only
one event with us has decided he is joining as an associate member, so it says something about the TSOA, I think


Anne Douglas
Joint Competition Secretary